The PSA Crew: Keeping the Streets Safe For Street Art


Street Art DistrictIntroducing The P.S.A. Crew.  Eluding law enforcement and surviving in the Los Angeles Underground, this elite band of street artists engages in civic-minded service through subversive means.  This A-Team of taggers is part of the PAY 2 PLAY Kickstarter Telethon, going on now to help fund the release of our film!

Fun Fact: our zoom-in shot of the Los Angeles skyline in this video is nearly identical to the original A-Team opening, because we work in the building previously occupied by Stephen J. Cannell Productions, creator of "The A-Team" and numerous other 70's & 80's hit shows, and they basically used the same balcony.  It's part of the fun of adhering to retro detail during our Kickstarter Telethon, like the re-created old school CBS Special opening graphic that opens all our shorts!

Using street art to get a message out is a key theme in our documentary PAY 2 PLAY, and these action shots went into the filming of our movie.  Behind the scenes of a doc showing street art, how did that art get there?  Watch and share, and perhaps even answer the call to join the PSA Crew yourself, enlisting through our sticker packs, poster packs, and just released PSA shirts and hoodies in our Kickstarter Rewards!

I love it when a plan comes together!